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Michigan Wedding Content Creators

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What is a Wedding Content Creator?

A wedding content creator is a vendor hired to capture raw, candid iPhone video footage and photos of your wedding day, with the intention of delivering "the goods" in real time, meaning there's no waiting time for editing purposes.

Should I still hire professional Photo/Video teams?

ABSOLUTELY!! WEDDING CONTENT CREATORS AREN'T A REPLACEMENT FOR PHOTO AND VIDEO TEAMS!! They are totally different vendors. Photo and Video teams use a lot of expensive professional equipment and it take the editing time they need to craft much more polished, high-quality photo/video keepsakes for you and future generations to treasure for a lifetime. Wedding Content Creators, on the other hand, only need an expensive cell-phone and a few little fancy gadgets to deliver almost instant gratification through several fun, well captured photos and video clips for you to share right away.

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Important things to consider when hiring a
Wedding Content Creator

Literally, anyone with a cell phone can claim to be a Wedding Content Creator and the more popular this service gets to be, the more people are going to try to do it. But there are a lot more things to consider when hiring a content creator for your wedding.

Wedding Experience

Just about everyone has been to a wedding but that doesn't mean that they have experience capturing one correctly. This service is more about capturing the candid moments, the type of moments that can't be redone. You only get one chance to capture them so it's every bit as important for a content creator to be prepared to capture those moments.

Consideration for your other vendors

Experience in capturing weddings is most crucial as it relates to working well with your other vendors, especially the photo/video team. This might be the most important point made here because it makes this service the most controversial when discussing it with professional wedding photographers & videographers. The key to success here is to hire a wedding content creator who's goal is to compliment your professional photo/video team, not to compete with them. The content creator needs to always be aware of where the photo/video team is, to stay out of their shots, give them the space they need to do their job and be humble enough to understand they deserve precedence in getting the best angle for most of the main events throughout the wedding day.


Hiring a wedding content creator who knows how to conduct themselves in a professional manner is as important as it is when hiring any other wedding vendor. You'll want someone who is professional in their attire, interacting with you, your guests and other vendors, is punctual and has all of the equipment/backup equipment they will need to capture and deliver your content in a timely manner.

Proven social media skills and content

Being a wedding content creator is much more than understanding how to make a post on social media. You'll want to hire someone who's as talented at creating engaging social media content as they are at capturing it. There's no real science to creating a viral video but if they have already created wedding content that's gone viral, that definitely offers some credibility to their skills as a wedding content creator and should definitely be taken into consideration..

How much does this service cost?

Content creators don't have to invest as much money into their equipment or time into editing, which is why it is normally much more affordable than most professional wedding photographers and videographers. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is still a professional service provided by someone who takes great pride in their work. Our pricing starts at $750 for 4 hours of coverage with a preplanning meeting, delivering unlimited photos/video clips and a TikTok/Instagram Reel within 24 hours of your wedding day. We prefer to learn a bit more about your vision so that we can customize a couple of options that we feel will fit exactly what you're interested in. So, fill out the form below to start that conversation!​

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