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Michigan Based Destination Wedding Videographer

Based in Michigan but capturing weddings throughout the entire Midwest and Northeastern United States including, Detroit, Mackinac Island, Traverse City, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Toledo, OH, Cleveland, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, Philadelphia, PA

Looking for something more than a 3-5 minute Highlight Video?

The one thing that you'll probably notice that's different about my wedding videos is that I don't limit myself by only offering a 3-5 minute wedding highlight video. Some videos take 20 minutes to tell the full story while others only need about 7 minutes. Either way, I'm going to deliver the full story of your day through highlights, not just an abbreviated one.

While Southeastern Michigan is home base, we spend a good portion of our winters in Florida and traveling the country, which means that we get the opportunity to capture weddings year-round. So, the videos below were captured in a wide variety of locations but they are our most recent favorites. The one thing that we hope you notice about these wedding videos is how each one is totally unique. 

All the Right Stuff - A beautiful couple who love each other very much, a breathtaking venue in Florida, some of the best vows and speeches I've ever heard and enough time to capture it all were the perfect ingredients for me to create the type of video I feel rivals any of the best wedding videos in the world today.  

Familiar Faces and an Epic Wedding - If you're from Mid-Michigan, you might recognize these two and several others in this video from local TV & billboards.  It wasn't their notoriety that inspired me to create what I feel is the best wedding video I've ever created though; It's the genuine love and friendship that these two share. ...And the fact that I may be a bit biased because I'm lucky enough to call Drew a buddy! 

Southern Elegance - There's just something about that southern charm, especially in the Low Country area of South Carolina that makes it one of my favorite places to capture weddings. Whenever I hear someone say rustic elegance, my mind goes right here. One of my favorite wedding superstitions is featured in this one but you'll have to watch the video to figure out which tradition that is. If you do watch it, you better have your tissues ready!

Two Words...Mackinac Island - There's no place on earth like Mackinac Island. Just ask any couple that has gotten married there, especially if they found the Secret Garden and took a carriage ride through downtown after the Ceremony.

Including Your Kids in the Wedding? - Weddings that unite blended families have a special place in my heart because that's how me and my wife began our marriage 13 years ago. I don't think that anyone had any tears left at the end of this magical boat ride. Speaking of my wife, she makes a cameo in this one as the officiant

Culturally Diverse - If I could only pick one takeaway from being born and raised in Flint, MI, it's that I can work well and fit in at any event, no matter how culturally different we may appear to be on the surface. 

Adventurous Weddings - I hiked a mile and a half to get to this ceremony spot, with all my gear...and it rained the WHOLE TIME but that is no complaint. Not only did I have a blast, it was worth the effort to capture a wedding ceremony in the most beautiful location I've ever experienced. So, let this be an example of how down I am to go on an adventure with you!

Let's Have Some FUN - A romantic tear jerker isn't meant for every couple. For example, when a tattoo artist marries an alligator wrestler, it's probably going to be anything but your normal wedding and I do some of my best work when surrounded by people who are having the time of their lives!

Relationships Built on a Religious Foundation - When your relationship is built on a foundation as strong as your religious beliefs, your wedding video should reflect that. So, it don't matter to me if you're Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormon or any other religion out there. I will always make it a point to create a video to honor that foundation.

Age is Nothing but a Number - There's a big misconception that wedding videos are only meant for a young couple's first marriage. When you find the love of your life, you have a love story to be told, no matter how soon or late in life you find that special person.

Love is Love - Finally, I believe that LOVE IS LOVE. So, if you're searching for a wedding videographer who's comfortable enough in their own skin to work with any type of couple, look no further...especially if you're going to ask me to shoot a wedding at a place as cool as The Hemingway House in Key West!!!

More examples of our 60-second Instagram Teaser Videos 

How am I different from other videographers?

Any talented wedding videographer can create a romantic cinematic wedding film of your wedding but there's so much more to a wedding day than that. You'll see so many of the exact same type of shots in the majority of wedding videos you watch because too many wedding videographers care more about impressing each other than they do creating something that truly represents the wide variety of emotions you experience on your wedding day. That is the most distinguishing feature about the videos I create. While, I craft my videos around the love you share, the fun you have when it's just the two of you as well as the celebration with your family and guests is what really makes each story so unique. So, as you'll notice in the examples above, no two wedding highlight videos are the same. I do my best to customize each wedding video I create to fit the couple I'm working with as well as the flow of the wedding day, which will allow you to relive your day the way that it actually happened!

But, if you're still on the fence about hiring a videographer, this video might help you down because some moments just can't be captured in photographs as well as they can in video!
Looking for something more than just a short Highlight Video?

Our Full Video is another popular reason that engaged couples choose us to capture their wedding. Our Full Wedding Video gives you the opportunity to watch all of the events that happen during your wedding day in their entirety in a long-form video that you watch like a movie, complete with a credit roll at the end and outtakes of the most funny candid moments that take place throughout the day. Our Full Length Videos are typically 45-75 minutes for 4-6 hours of coverage and 60-120 minutes for 7-9 hours of coverage. The amount of time varies depending on the length of your ceremony, speeches and other main events because you'll be watching them in their entirety, edited to give you the best shots from two or more camera angles. The other portions of the day (ie. Getting Ready, Photo Session, Decorations, Mingling, Open Dancefloor, etc..) are edited into montages throughout the video and set to a soundtrack of your choice. Contact us to see a sample of our Full Video. 

You'll work with one person from the booking through the final delivery of your videos!

It's also important to point out that we are a Michigan based family owned and operated business. Gordon Yurk is the owner and lead videographer for most of the weddings we capture but on the rare occasion that a wedding has to be rescheduled for a day that he's already booked (like due to COVID-19, for example) he has a team of professional shooters to call on and he'll still be the one editing your video. Having the same team that captured your wedding do the editing is so important because it's really hard for an editor who wasn't part of the event to create a video that truly represents the vibe of the wedding day. From the inquiry to the delivery you'll be dealing directly with Gordon. Most of our clients find it reassuring to deal with the same person from the inquiry all the way through the delivery of your final wedding videos.

How much will this cost?

One of the first questions most couples ask is about our pricing. We don't believe that there's a one size fits all package for wedding videos. Some couples want our Full Video to watch their wedding play like a movie (with credits and outtakes) while other couples are only interested in a Highlight Video and Teaser. Some couples want 2 wedding videographers and other couples only need 1 wedding videographer. However, because we understand that you're trying to get an idea of our pricing we can tell you that most couples invest $2,000-$3850 in our wedding videos. We prefer to customize every package we offer to fit the type of wedding videography package that you're looking for exactly though! So, please fill out our contact form  (at the bottom of this page) with as much information as possible to help us determine a couple options to create wedding videos that will allow you to relive your day forever!


We capture EVERY type of wedding!

You probably won't find a more culturally experienced group of wedding videographers than we are. We have filmed weddings for wide variety of cultures and religions including: Hispanic, Greek Orthodox, Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, South African, Ethiopian, LGBTQ, Asian as well as every type of traditional and non-traditional American wedding you can think of from sunrise & sunset weddings on the beach to full Catholic mass weddings to rooftop weddings to barn weddings to backyard weddings. We LOVE unique weddings!! So, if you are having a wedding in which cultural specific events are of great importance we have the experience to make sure that they get captured properly!

We will capture your wedding ANYWHERE!

Visual Reflection Wedding Videos is located in Rochester, MI so we specialize in capturing weddings in Michigan including Detroit, Mackinac Island, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Flint, Traverse City, the U.P. but cover the entire state of Michigan as well as the surrounding states, without charging additional travel fees. As of 2021, we have captured weddings in 11 different states and can't wait to add more states and countries to the list! We will travel to any location in the world to capture your wedding! 

"Don't just remember your day...RELIVE IT!!!!"

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